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The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) will lead the development and delivery of ANZPAC. A hands-on organisation working on the ground in the region, APCO offers the specific reporting, governance and administrative frameworks needed to get ANZPAC operational and delivering change quickly. Measurement is in APCO’s DNA, with their team overseeing Member reporting to over 1,500 businesses every year. With strong relationships in government, industry associations, academia, business and the community sector, APCO brings a 20-year track record of bringing people together to deliver collaborative, multi-stakeholder projects.

Working towards a circular economy for plastics, Members of ANZPAC


Innovate to drive initiatives for plastics that are reusable, recyclable and compostable, as well as eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging.


Invest to build and scale circular solutions for sectors through material specific, packaging, product and business model projects.


Share knowledge and collaborate on key issues, harmonising and aligning research for circular plastics in the region.


APCO has worked closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and WRAP UK to develop ANZPAC. Following the ANZPAC launch, work will continue to co-design and launch key projects throughout the region, drawing on the expertise of local delivery champions. The Foundation will continue to support ANZPAC in an advisory role and provide the reporting framework for the Pact annual report.


To ensure the whole region has an active voice in shaping and governing ANZPAC, APCO will establish a senior steering committee of industry experts to oversee the Program. The Collective Action Group (CAG) is a team of leading industry, government and civil society representatives from across the supply chains in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. CAG members will be highly experienced, committed to achieving positive environmental outcomes and willing to collaborate.

Part of the Plastics Pact
Global Network,


Coordinate and align all stakeholders to support and work towards a clear and consistent vision.
Commit to working collaboratively towards national and regional Plastics Pact targets.
Build a roadmap for how the region will reach them.
Measure and track progress through annual reporting.
Co-design and implement pioneer initiatives, activities and solutions across the region.
Share knowledge and experiences, and learn from regional, national and global experts.

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