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The ANZPAC Plastics Pact have released a new strategic document, the ANZPAC Roadmap to 2025, to support the achievement of the ANZPAC Regional Plastic Targets.

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If you haven’t already done so, you can register for today’s online event here.

Announcing the launch of the ANZPAC Roadmap ‘ – Developed from extensive discussions between more than 100 organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands over the past year, the ANZPAC Roadmap outlines the approach required by key players across the entire plastics value chain to achieve the Regional Plastics Targets by 2025. Register via the APCO Events page >>

APCO Webinar Series: Taking Action on Single-Use, Unnecessary & Problematic Plastic Packaging’ – Developed in response to the Australian Government’s inaugural National Plastics Plan, this webinar series will support businesses in understanding SUP phase out implications and steps to get started. Register via the APCO Events page >>

‘Announcing the ANZPAC Collective Action Group’ – The overwhelming response, engagement and excitement from Members to participate in this group is reflective of ANZPAC’s important objectives. We are proud to announce the successful applicants for the inaugural ACAG and thank everyone who took the time to apply. View the ACAG >>

‘A Whole of Society Response’ – Hosted by the Environmental Investigation Agency and ANZPAC Supporter Member organisation SPREP, this webinar looked at a ‘whole-of-society’ approach to plastic pollution in the Pacific and how regional Non-State Actors are helping curb the plastics crisis and influencing change. Watch the recording here >>

Past Event: ANZPAC Member Working Session Meet your fellow ANZPAC Members, provide feedback and understand the key priorities for the year ahead. This event is Member exclusive – Members email the ANZPAC Team for registration details >>

Recovered Polymer Specifications Webinar – discussing the new resource, a set of 12 industry-agreed standard specifications for recycled materials. Watch the recording here >>

Summit 21 The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Summit 21 brings together leaders, innovators, and pioneers who are working to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy. Watch the recordings here >>

ANZPAC Launch Leading businesses, NGOs and governments from across the plastic supply chain and the region unite behind 2025 Targets to eliminate plastic packaging waste. Read the media release >>

ANZPAC Launch Recording On 18 May, the ANZPAC launch saw Members, Supporters and stakeholders celebrate from across the region through a hybrid event. View the recording >>

Vanuatu Members Celebrate ANZPAC Launch – On 18 May, Founding Members of ANZPAC and key stakeholders from Vanuatu gathered for a launch event hosted by VESS. Read the media release >>

Australian FAQ Session, 14 Apr 21 – Covering frequently asked questions about the program, topics included the difference between APCO and ANZPAC, and the role of governments, industry and businesses as Members. View the recording >>

New Zealand FAQ Session, 30 Mar 21 – Covering frequently asked questions about the program, topics included the value of Membership and connection to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. View the recording >>

Pacific Islands FAQ Session, 25 Mar 21 – Covering frequently asked questions about the program, topics included how the ANZPAC will run, value of Membership and the importance of cross-regional collaboration. View the recording >>

Vanuatu Community VESS and UK High Commission introduce ANZPAC Plastics Pact to Vanuatu Business Community. Read the media release >>

Projects AnnouncementFederal Government backs two new APCO projects under the product stewardship investment fund. Read the media release >>

ANZPAC Announcement ANZPAC Plastics Pact to tackle plastic waste crisis in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Read the media release >>