The ANZPAC Collective Action Group

The Collective Action Group (ACAG) is a team of leading industry representatives from across the supply chain and government who oversee the strategic delivery of the ANZPAC 2025 Regional Targets and the design of a systemic model for how the ANZPAC region can transition towards an advanced sustainable packaging ecosystem.

ACAG Members

Representatives from each region include:


  • Dr. Deborah Lau – Ending Plastic Waste Mission Lead, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • Kate Noble – No Plastic in Nature Policy Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Australia)
  • Nicholas Rodgers – Packaging Technologist (Sustainability), EGO Pharmaceuticals
  • Richard Smith – Director Sustainability AFAP, Amcor Flexibles

New Zealand

  • Dr. Florian Graichen – General Manager Forests to Biobased Products, Scion
  • Lyn Mayes – Director, Mad World
  • Nicole Garofano – Member Representative, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)
  • Pablo Kraus – CEO, ecostore Company

Pacific Islands

  • Anthony Talouli – Director of Waste Management and Pollution Control, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
  • Dr. Christina Shaw – CEO, Vanuatu Environmental Science Society (VESS)
  • Jacqueline Nordsvan – Head of Packaging, Nestle Oceania
  • Marina Keil – President, Samoa Recycling Waste Management Association (SRWMA)
  • Natalie Helm – Director of Public Affairs, Communication & Sustainability, Coca-Cola South Pacific
  • Stewart Williams – Managing Director, Marine Plastic Solutions