ANZPAC’s published reports and guides offer comprehensive insights and practical guidance on sustainable plastic packaging practices across the region, with some exclusively available to our valued ANZPAC Members.


ANZPAC Action Guide to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Packaging – This guide includes definitions, criteria and alternatives for problematic and/or unnecessary single-use plastic packaging (SUPs) spanning across the 3 ANZPAC geographic regions.

Read the Action Guide here.
Plastic Packaging Recovery Opportunities in the ANZPAC Region: Summary – This report provides insights into the performance of the current recovery system and how certain system interventions can influence the progress towards the ANZPAC 2025 Regional Plastic Targets.

The key findings from the study are outlined, the full report can be found here.
2021 ANZPAC Annual Impact Report – The first ANZPAC Impact Report, featuring insights at how the region is progressing towards the development of a circular economy for plastic. Members shared their plastic packaging data and initiatives from 2021 for a regional analysis for the first time.
ANZPAC Plastics Pact Roadmap to 2025 – The ANZPAC Roadmap to 2025 is the implementation plan to towards achieving the ANZPAC Regional Plastic Targets.

Watch the Roadmap webinar here to find out more.
2020 ANZPAC Baseline Recyclability Assessment – This report provides an overview of the 2020 ANZPAC Baseline Recyclability Assessment for plastic packaging throughout the ANZPAC region.
Recovered Polymer Specifications – This resource provides a set of 12 Australian industry-agreed standard specifications for recycled polymer materials.

Learn more about separate specifications for individual polymers here.


Please log into your Basecamp account to access the Member exclusive resources below, please contact the ANZPAC Team if you do not have one established.

Plastics Communication Guide for necessary plastic packaging – This guide is to support ANZPAC Members in effectively communicating the use of plastic packaging when it is necessary and how to apply and mange it appropriately and responsibly.
ANZPAC Reuse Model Mapping and Feasibility Study: Short Summary – This study investigated the viability of reuse models across three geographical archetypes to better understand the barriers and opportunities for accelerating reuse throughout the ANZPAC region.

The key findings from the study are outlined, the full report can be found here.